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Armadino - an Arduino Gameboy, Clock, Electronic Lab, TVout Console and More...

Some years ago, I came across Mignon and Meggy Jr RGB, and was intrigued enough to want to make something similar, but with a wider screen, more possibilities for experiment and play, and with few parts. I called it Armadino, after seeing an armadillo logo on the spine of a children story book and mixing it with the word Arduino. Styled like a Gameboy, Armadino has an 10x8 dual-color (reg and green) LED dot matrix screen, a 7-segment LED “score board”, buzzer, and I2C and I/O breakout pins to play with. Programmable as an Arduino UNO, the Armadino software library includes functions for drawing on the LED matrix and 7-segment display, printing text on them, making tone, sensing buttons, and even working alongside the TVout library!
I use it as a LED clock most of the time. Occasionally, I have fun with it with handheld games like the classic Snake, Space Invaders, Pong. I have also adapted some TVout games including Space Invaders, Breakout and Tetris.


1 x AVR ATmega328 micro controller
1 x MacroBlock 5026 16-bit constant-current sink LED driver
1 x 4017 decade counter, DIP
2 x LED Matrix, 5x8, Red-Green, Common-anode
2 x 7-segment LED
1 x buzzer or similar
10 x PN2222 NPN transistors
6 x large tactile switch (Omron B3F-4000 or similar)
1 x small tactile switch (Omron B3F-1000 or similar)
1 x 3-pin ceramic resonator, 16 Mhz
6 x 100nF capacitors
1 x 100uF electrolytic capacitor
1 x 6-pin USB-C connector
1 x 10k Ohm
1 x 1.2k Ohm
2 x 5.1k Ohm
1 strip of right-angle pin. 2.54mm pitch
2 x 8-pin header, 2.54mm pitch”

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