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This project uses a 4-digit seven segment to display numbers, a joystick to change/set the numbers and a buzzer to alert the user. Many measuring devices, such as kitchen scale, voltmeter, clock, thermometer and speedometer, require numerical displays. For the voltmeter, you may want to use the buzzer to alert the user when a threshold voltage is reached, and this threshold is set by the joystick inputs. Thus, The design has a variety of applications (which will be discussed in the final step).

In fact, my goal is to make something useful and versatile. I have uploaded the Arduino code, PCB design and STL files for the 3D prints, so you can modify it and add your creativity to it. The design is is powered by a mini USB B port and uses Atmega328P micro-controller with Arduino bootloader. It has a TTL USB adapter (FT232RL module), so the USB port can both supply power and upload the Arduino code onto the micro-controller.

In this Instructable, I will use the design to make a count down timer, as demonstrated in the video above.”

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