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Hey everyone, and welcome back.

This is CATCUBE, a miniature cube-shaped desk clock with a cat theme that was created entirely from scratch and has an ESP8266 module for a brain.

A desk clock like this one pulls time readings from the internet and displays them on the 0.96-inch SSD1306 OLED; its front is made of a custom PCB, and its back is covered with a hollow 3D-printed holder that can accommodate a small Li-Po battery.

This project was built around a custom PCB that houses all the electronics, including a Li-Po charging IC, an AMS1117 setup that steps down voltage to 3.3V, and an ESP8266 setup. The PCB serves as the top part of the project and even has some unique aesthetic features, like CAT Ears and PAWS, that give this small CUBE its own individuality.

This Instructables is about how this project was made, so let’s get started with the build.

these were the materials used in this built-

- ESP12F Module
- Custom PCBs
- AMS1117
- 10k Resistors
- SDM 0603 LEDs
- 100nf Capacitors
- Li-ion Cell
- Li-ion cell holder smd
- 3D-printed parts
- threaded inserts
- TP4333

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