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An Esp8266 based fitness watch, completely made from scratch!

This shows the time by using NTP so the time is very accurate! and along with time this can also detect the motion of your hand on all 3 axis and warn you with haptic feedback according to the programmed motion. It can even measure BPM and display with a mini graph on the display(currently not working that great, will be fixed soon)! It can also drop an email to your friend/family according to the programmed-motion inside the watch.

So how is this watch compared to other fitness watches out there?

Wifi - check
Customizable - check
180mah battery - check
Haptic - check
OLED display - check
IMU - check
BPM monitoring - uncheck (it will work soon!)
This is going to be quite a long instructable with detailed instructions, so buckle up with a cup or two filled with coffee before building this one!

Before jumping into soldering and messing around, we’ll build a prototype with node MCU which is also based on Esp12E which we’ll be using in the final build.

These are the list of products which can help you do this project with ease
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OLED display
Haptic motor(exact one)
Haptic motor(alternative)
3.3V regulator
105mah battery
pulse sensor
pulse sensor(recommeded)
Angled Header Pins
Arduino nano + programmer wire
Male USB
Soldering Gun
Soldering Lead
Foam sheets”

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