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In this IoT based project, I have made Home Automation with Blynk and NodeMCU control relay module with real-time feedback. In the Manual Mode, this relay module can be controlled from Mobile or smartphone and, Manual switch. In Auto Mode, this smart relay also can sense the room temperature and sunlight to turn on and off the fan and light bulb.
This smart home project has the following features:
1. Home appliances controlled from Mobile using Blynk App
2. Home appliances controlled by temperature & Humidity sensor automatically (In Auto Mode)
3. Home appliances controlled by Dark Sensor automatically (In Auto Mode)
4. Monitor LIVE room temperature & Humidity reading on OLED and Smartphone
5. Home appliances controlled with manual switches
6. Control Home appliances through the Internet


Required Components for this Smart House project
1. NodeMCU
2. DH11 Sensor
3. LDR
4. 10k Resistors 5 no
5. 1k Resistors 5 no (R1 to R4)
6. 220-ohm Resistors 2 no (R5 & R6)
7. Optocoupler PC817 2 no
8. BC547 NPN Transistors 2 no
9. Diode 1N4007 2 no
10. Diode 1N4001 1no
11. LED (1.5v) 3 no
12. Capacitors 100uF 2 no
13. SPDT 12V Relays 2 no
14. 7805 voltage regulator 1 no
15. Push Switch/ button 4 no
16. Connectors & jumpers
17. OLED I2C Display (0.96” or 1.3”)”

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