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Infrared Transmitter

This article shows you how to make an infra red analogue transmitter.
This is an old circuit. Nowadays laser diodes are used to transmit digital signals via optic fibres.
This circuit can be used to to transmit audio signal via infrared. You will need a receiver to detect the transmitted signal. The signal does not need to be modulated.
Supplies:Components: NPN BJT power transistor, heat sink, insulated wires, matrix board, 1 kohm resistor - 5, 100 ohm resistor - 3 (depending on the amount transmitters that you use), 100 uF bipolar capacitor, 1 Megohm potentiometer - 2, power source (3 V or 4.5 V - can be implemented with AA/AAA/C/D batteries).
Tools: wire stripper, pliers.
Optional components: solder, 1 mm metal wire, heat transfer paste.
Optional tools: soldering iron, USB oscilloscope.”

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