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Im planning to add some power tools to the underside of my workbench so I can make a table router for example. The tools will mount from the underside on some sort of a removable plate so they can be interchangeable.
If you are interested to see how I built this workbench I have a separate Instructable for it.
Before starting any work on the workbench for the tool mounts I wanted to figure out a way how I can easily turn on and off all of the power tools attached to it as the tool power switches will be under the table. The easiest solution for it is to mount a power strip on the bench and have its switch exposed so it can be pressed. However, I dont think that this is a safe option as the cables will also be exposed and I could accidentally turn on the switch.
An off the shelf solution is to buy one of these commercially-made safety switches but I have two problems with that.
The first problem for me is that they are not available locally where I live and I cant order one online at the moment and the second problem is that they are quite expensive so the decision is made to build my own.
Supplies:Tools and materials needed to make this project:
Soldering iron
Assorted resistors
Solid State Relay
Industrial On/Off Power Switch
Assorted transistors (2N2907 & 2N2222)
Prototype PCBs”

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