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Hi Everyone,
Running a power tool in a closed space is a hustle, because of all of the dust created in the air and dust in the air, means dust in your lungs. Running your shop vac can eliminate some of that risk but turning it on and off every time you use a tool is a pain.
To alleviate this pain, Ive built this automatic switch that houses an Arduino with a current sensor to sense when a power tool is running and turn on the vacuum cleaner automatically. Five seconds after the tool stops, the vacuum stops as well.

For making of this switch I used the following components and materials:

Arduino Uno
ACS712 current sensor
IC Socket
Solid State Relay
5V Mechanical Relay
HLK-PM01 5V power supply
Prototype PCB
Dupont cables
Plastic enclosure
Soldering iron
Wire snips”

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