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Arduino and Booleans: The truth is greater than zero!

1 Boolean logic with Arduino
Binary and boolean sometimes seem like buzzwords, particularly “binary,” but that’s just because people become so fond of this mode of thinking once they get into it. Hint: They’re the cool geeks with Ferraris.

At the heart of things, binary is a machine thing, and if you want to control machines, especially microcontrollers, then you have to dig into binary once in a while. Especially the Arduino Uno (atmega328p), which has only 2KB SRAM. It’s a lean system that requires you to be clever if you want it to run large programs. Storing large arrays in PROGMEM and EEPROM (flash) will only get you so far.

1.1 Transistor logic and binary
The question, “why not just use the decimal system?” is very relevant, and must first be answered. You’ll learn to love boolean logic more once you understand why the binary system was designed in the first place.”

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