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Yaps 750 Power Supply

I have a small, cheap power supply which gives me variable voltage etc.I rarely work with voltages above 12 volt so it has served me well for a few years.My main issue with it is its limitation to have multiple things connected at once.I have created a small board that takes a 12v supply and breaks that out into 3.3v, 5v and 12v, but even that is limited to one output per voltage range.
About three months ago my desktop PC decided that it had had enough and died.It was the motherboard, so I bought a bare bones machine so that I could re-use all my drives, graphics card etc.This new box came with its own power supply, so now I had a perfectly good 750 watt supply from the old box.I have seen many Instructables in the past where people have utilised their old ATX supply into a bench supply, so I thought that I would also give it a go.”

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