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Gest-R is state of the art gesture switch made to elegantly replace normal electrical switches.

We often come across situations where we have to switch on and off devices in a public space, like fan in an office or lights in your class room. Having such common switches to touch can have a negative impact on our efforts to counter corona. That is why I thought of a gesture switch that can be operated exactly as a traditional switch but comes with some bells and whistles. Gest-R (pronounce it as ‘gesture’) is a multi purpose ‘no touch’ switch in the same form factor of an electrical switch. It can be regarded as a premium switch but is in fact very affordable and unlike other non-contact solutions (like IR distance sensors) extremely power efficient.

It is very easy to use Gest-R. All you have to do is pretend Gest-R is a toggle switch and try to toggle it. Gest-R recognizes your gesture. If you are pulling down (the imaginary toggle switch) Gest-R will turn on the device and if you are pulling up Gest-R will turn off the device for you. So without touching the switch you can control your devices in style. Premium, right ?!!”

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