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his is by far the most longest-running build I have ever made and some improvement always left here and there. But overall said that the machine is running fine without giving any trouble. My main objective is always to educate people about how to make things and when people give some feedback that always feels good. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes bad but frankly said I welcome all comments. I have very little experience with electronics and this is the only part which I feared a lot and sometimes that fear overcomes. That’s why you see the almost negligible amount of electronics build over my channel but I am still on the learning stage and hopefully, someday I post something unique in electronics as well.

So 2-3 years ago I made a CNC and I use I a lot, build a couple of projects and then the day arrived when I have to dismantle that machine because I planned to build a larger one and that machine is no longer seems to be useful at all because I started getting some issues and later on discarded that CNC. I started a 6-axis CNC build of 5x10 ft area and bought some material and electronics but again due to some financial issues I decided to leave that and build something which can be multipurpose and even budget-friendly for me for the current situation. So I decided to build a 3 in 1 CNC. At the start, I thought that its an easy work, and I can do it without any problem but as soon as I put the step in the electronics area boom it’s started giving me trouble. I damaged a couple of electronics buy some new motors, this and that, finding solutions for my problem but it’s all going in vain. I was really depressed at that time because I am not able to find any solution and all my efforts are just completely useless. But the day comes and a late night at 2:00 am I was so dedicated to finding the problem and with God’s grace I finally able to find the real problem in the machine and that took me almost 3 months. When I found the solution I didn’t try it at the time but don’t know I am dead sure that this thing going to help and the machine now starts to work. Then from there after a couple of weeks, I am finally succeeded in making 3in 1 CNC. I am really happy that a person like me who didn’t have much of an electronics experience did that. The amount of frustration I face in my build I really don’t want that anyone else faces the same. Although I am not an expert, if you are facing any problem then definitely let me know, I tried my best to help you out. If you have any suggestions then please drop that in the comments section down below I am really eager to know what they are. One suggestion for the viewer is that don’t go with the video at first because there are some points which I didn’t cover in the video and for that, you need to pay some attention to the paragraph I wrote related to that issue. Second thing is that in my machine I use the old material which I recovered from my old machine so in the design you can change that material with something else or stick to the one which I use. But I highly recommend changing the material because that is going to reduce the price to some extent. I am providing you that design which I made not the improved one. The improved version you need to make yourself but it wasn’t really that much difficult to make some changes. So without further any more chit chat let’s start this journey.

Tools Used

As far as tools are concerned I think I used most of the tools present in my workshop. As I always said that there is an alternate of every tool but if you have tools like lathe or milling machine I think they will surely ease your work and helps you to build a more precise machine. My machine is cutting extremely precise to the required dimension and I did this without those tools.

Chop saw
Mitre saw
Table saw
Drill Press
Cordless Drill
Welding Set
Bench vise
Wire stripper
Hot air gun
Glue gun
Vernier caliper
Dial Gauge
Set square
Combination square
Angle Grinder
Step drill bits
Thread Taps with handle
Allen wrenches
File set”

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