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In this project, I’d like to share how to build a 2-axis thermocol/ polystyrene cutting CNC machine with its frame and supports made of electrical wire casing/duct and 3D printed parts. Basically it is a thermocol cutting tool which can be used to cut different shapes from the thermocol sheet. It can be used as a craft making tool. The idea of using electrical wire casing / duct as linear rails makes the whole machine affordable and of less weight. With this cutter you can easily cut Thermocol / polystyrene, styrofoam or any other similar material.

This machine is made up of easily available parts like 28byj-48 Stepper motors, Arduino nano, old radio antenna rods, string / thread and 3d printed parts. Hope you like this Idea.


- 1pcs x Arduino Nano
- 1pcs x PWM Motor speed controller
- 2pcs x ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver IC
- 2pcs x 28byj-48 Stepper motors
- 2pcs x Header pins and IC seat
- 1pcs x PCB Sheet (6 cm X 6cm)
- 1pcs x Aluminium composite panel sheet (34 cm X 13.5 cm)
- 2pcs x String / Thread
- 2pcs x Electrical wire Casing/duct
- 2pcs x Springs
- 2pcs x Old radio antenna.
- 2pcs x Power Supply 5VDC and 9VDC.
- 1pcs x Nichrome wire (Length = 6 cm)
- 2pcs x Female DC Power jack
- 2pcs x Old gas cylinder washers
- 2pcs x steel rods (outer dia =1.5 mm and length = 15 mm)
- Thermocol / Polystyrene / Foam sheet
- 3D printed parts
- Wires
- Some Screws
- Super Glue
- Double sided foam tape

Tools used
- 3D printer
- Mini drill machine
- Mini Hand Saw
- Screw driver set
- Soldering iron
- Vernier Caliper Digital
- Measuring tape/ scale”

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