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Bigtime Basement Build CNC for Laser and Wood Projects

For this CNC build, I went after a laser, wood, and aluminum cutter/carver. Comparable units from reputable manufactures are over $2000. This one came in under $800.

While I was at it, I made an Arduino Shield to simplify connections and developed new software for hobbyists to drive their custom CNC machines, called the Raising Awesome Carver. This Instructable is to show other enthusiasts how to design, build, and assemble such a thing - as well as offer insights to making your own GCode pusher to GRBL. I also share all my Autodesk 360 design files in case you want to modify for your own design.


- Set of Allen Wrenches (usually comes with some of the parts)
- Wood Screws
- Drill and bits
- Scissors
- Chop Saw with Aluminum Cutting Blade
- 3D Printer”

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