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Budget 2-Axis CNC Build

Hi, in this instructable I will go over how to create a 2-Axis CNC machine. This particular design utilizes parts which can be purchased at local hardware stores, reducing the price greatly. It also uses 3d printed parts which allow for customization and reduces the price even more. This design reduces the price of a typical 2-Axis laser cutter by approximately $100-$200 while maintaining similar quality.

Here are the supplies needed with costs relative to the amount used

One roll of filament ($20)
One 5/16 in x 36 in Threaded Rod ($4.36 from Home Depot)
One 5/16 in x 72 in Round Rod ($14.93 from Home Depot)
Fifteen 8x22x7 Bearings ($4.14 adjusted from a $13.79 50-pack on Amazon)
Three Stepper Motor Couplings ($5.40 adjusted from an $8.99 5-pack on amazon)
16 in x 13.5 in wood board (Left over from IKEA furniture)
Screws, Nuts, and Bolts (~$5, Screws, nuts, and bolts were used from various screw kits already on hand)

Sixteen #5 x 5/8 in wood screws
Six 5/16-18 Hex Nuts
Ten M3x20 Machine Screws
Eight M3x16 Machine Screws

Arduino GRBL CNC kit - Includes End-stops, Cables, Arduino Uno, Stepper Motor Drivers, and Jumper Caps. ($20.99 by Keeyees on Amazon)
Three Nema 17 Stepper Motors ($24.99 on Amazon)
5 amp 12 Volt power supply ($10.99 on Amazon)
Optional - I used a laser module for this build since I had one from a 2-in-one 3018 CNC, however, this CNC could be used with a drag knife or pen or make a cutter or a pen plotter respectively.

Laser Module - The CNC I purchased the laser with was ~$50 more expensive than the other 3018 CNCs so I will use $50 as the approximate price for the laser.
Total costs

Without the laser, the machine comes out to ~$110.80, adding the laser increases the price to ~$160.80. This price is much lower than the other laser engravers that could be bought on Amazon at the same power by about $150 or more for most laser engravers.”

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