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I build my first CNC about a year ago and learned a lot from the process. As an engineer I’m always looking at ways to improve things, and my first machine was no exception. The process began with some small changes which quickly turned into the opportunity to overhaul the design even more to better suit my needs (an overview of these changes is detailed in the next step).
For the previous iteration and documentation of my design, refer to my original Instructable: Modular DIY CNC Machine which has all the files included for easy access. For this Instructable, however, I’ve decided to include technical drawings of the plates rather than actual part files. The parts themselves are fairly easy to create so this shouldn’t be a large inconvenience for most, especially if you plan on actually using a CNC since CAD is a big step in the whole CNC proces. In the future I’ll provide the actual part files for a fee and may consider offering actual printed parts for purchase also for those without a 3D printer.”

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