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ARS - Arduino Rubik Solver V

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Green House Automation

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Low Cost Bioprinter

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Project Small Car

Raft Bird Repeller V

Real-Time SD Card Failure Detection System

Recreating the Worlds Hardest Game on the Arduino V

RFID Door Lock System

$3 Smart Bulb Holder V

A novel theory of heat, in the search for efficient thermoelectrics

A Ray of Funshine: Computex 2019 Kicks Off Summer as Ray Tracing Sizzles V

Adding a carbon atom transforms 2D semiconducting material

Alaka’i Technologies Launches World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Air Mobility System

AMD Announces Next-Generation Leadership Products at Computex 2019 Keynote

Animated Word Clock V

Arduino RC Robot V

Arduino RGB Matrix Word Clock

Army project develops agile scouting robots V

Artificial Intelligence Improves Power Transmission

ATtiny Programming Shield for Arduino V

Automatic Gate Slider Under $100

Build a Digital Weight Scale & Force Guage W/ Arduino & Loadcell

Buzz Wire Game With LED Timer for Arduino UNO V

Carnegie Mellon Researchers Create Soft, Flexible Materials with Enhanced Properties

DIY RGB-LED Glow Poi With Remote Control

DoReMiQuencer - Programmable MIDI Sequencer With Keyboard

Edge-Lit Seven Segment Display V

Engineers Boost Potential for Creating Successor to Shrinking Transistors

EPFL researchers crack an enduring physics enigma

ESPWatch With Weather Forecasting V

How to Make an Automatic Wood Stove Thermostat V

Indoor Hydroponic Vegetable Growing System V

Intel Brings the Most Integrated Platform-Wide Leadership to PCs with New 10th Gen Intel Core Processors and Project Athena at COMPUTEX 2019 V

Investing in Australia’s Connectivity and Digital Economy

Jacket for Visually Impaired

Lights, Camera, Fracture

Loon balloons are now connecting users in Peru

Magnetic LED Hexagons V

NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Finds a Clay Cache

New Wireless IOT Sensor Layer for Home Environmental Monitoring System

NTU Singapore develops technology that can 3D-print a bathroom unit within a day V

Quantum computing boost from vapour stabilising technique

Quantum information gets a boost from thin-film breakthrough

Sensor-packed glove learns signatures of the human grasp

Smart Basketball Arcade Game With Score Counting Hoops Using Evive- Arduino Embedded Platform V

Starlink Mission V

STMicroelectronics Raises Performance, Efficiency, and Security of Next-Generation Digital Power Applications with STM32G4 Microcontrollers

Superconductor films convert heat into electricity

Tapping the power of AI and high-performance computing to extend evolution to superconductors

The MagPI 82

Using I2C EEPROM ST24C04 with Arduino IDE

VirtualComponent V

Washable, wearable battery-like devices could be woven directly into clothes

Wifi Enabled OLED ESP32 Car Gauges V

3D4x Game: 3D 4x4x4 Tic-Tac-Toe V

555 Timer - LED Blinkie

A quantum leap in particle simulation

Analog Style Led POV Clock With Arduino Nano V

Arduino Noise Machine

ARM Programming

Automatic Plant Watering V

Beginners Guide to Use DHT11/DHT22 Sensors W/ Arduino


Braille Keyboard With Voice Output V

Carnegie Mellon Chemists Manipulate the Quantum States of Gold Nanoclusters

CircuitPython 4.0.1 released!

CircuitPython: Creating Custom Boards

Clean fuel cells could be cheap enough to replace gas engines in vehicles

Connected Love Pendants Using ESP8266 V

DIY AC Light Dimmer V

Driverless cars working together can speed up traffic by 35 percent V

Energy free superfast computing invented by scientists using light pulses

ESP32 autoreset

Espressif Announces the Release of ESP32-S2 Secure Wi-Fi MCU

Google Cloud Temperature & Humidity Sensor

HackSpace magazine #19

Heartbeat Sensor | Heart Rate Sensor | Ir Pulse Sensor | Simple Science Project V

How to Build Your Own Anemometer Using Reed Switches, Hall Effect Sensor and Some Scraps on Nodemcu. - Part 1 - Hardware

How to Interface the Mojo V3 FPGA Board with a 16x2 LCD Module: Block Diagram and Verilog Code

How to Make a Wireless Air Piano Glove

How to program materials

HPE to acquire supercomputing leader Cray


Illuminated Button Matrix

Interactive quantum chemistry in virtual reality V

Little Flash V

Manipulating atoms one at a time with an electron beam

Mathematicians revive abandoned approach to the Riemann Hypothesis

Microsoft and the BMW Group launch the Open Manufacturing Platform

Motion Controlled Timelapse V

NASA Awards Artemis Contract for Lunar Gateway Power, Propulsion V

New Power Supply Unit Lets Electrical Devices Live Longer

NIST Team Demonstrates Heart of Next-Generation Chip-Scale Atomic Clock

Polymers jump through hoops on pathway to sustainable materials

Polyphonic Music - Avengers V

Portable Arduino Lab

Producing electricity at estuaries using light and osmosis

Quantum rebar: Quantum dots enhance stability of solar-harvesting perovskite crystals

RaspiPlayer - Internet Radio and MP3 Player Rev2

Record-shattering underwater sound

Remote Monitoring with PYNQ and the IoT

Researchers gain key insight into solar material’s soaring efficiency

Robotic Arm Controlled by Arduino and PC V

Room Weather Station Using Arduino & BME280

Self-driving trucks begin mail delivery test for U.S. Postal Service

Simple Autorange Capacitor Tester / Capacitance Meter by Hand and With Arduino

Squid skin inspires creation of next-gen heat regulating blanket

Sudoku Solver - Arduino V

Task Manager - a Household Chore Management System

Typewriter Turned Plotter

Ultra-Clean Fabrication Platform Produces Nearly Ideal 2D Transistors V

VEML6070 UV Sensor With Nokia 5110 LCD

Wearable Cooling and Heating Patch Could Serve as Personal Thermostat and Save Energy

What’s new at Maker Faire Bay Area 2019

A new era in 3-D printing

A new sensor for light, heat and touch V

A step towards probabilistic computing

Arduino Walkie Talkie

Artificial intelligence accelerates efforts to develop clean, virtually limitless fusion energy

Audio Responsive LED Lights V

Autonomous Driving Car

BluBerriSix - a TFT TouchScreen / Arduino Tutorial V

Breakthrough In New Material To Harness Solar Power Could Transform Energy

Brown undergraduate researcher teaches robots handwriting and drawing V

Build a TTN LoRa Gateway with balenaFin and balenaCloud

Build an RFID Scanner for Blockchain

Building an Automatic Solar Tracker With Arduino Nano V2

DIY Electronic Horn for a Bicycle or Car V

DrumCube, an Arduino Robot Drummer V

Edgerton, A High-speed Led Flash Diy

Electrode’s ‘hot edges’ convert CO2 gas into fuels and chemicals

Fully Customizable L Bracket

GamerGorl V

Hearing in 3D

How to Interface PS2 Wireless Controller W/ Arduino

Hummingbird robot using AI to go soon where drones can’t V

Just like toothpaste: fluoride radically improves the stability of perovskite solar cells

Kotlin Notes for Professionals book

LED Jewelry

Lilium reveals new air taxi as it celebrates maiden flight V

Make an Infinity Play Button / Subscriber Counter V

Menu on Nokia 5110 LCD display with Arduino

Methane-consuming bacteria could be the future of fuel

Modular DIY CNC V2 V

Move over, silicon switches: There’s a new way to compute

My open source ESC V

NASA’s MRO Completes 60,000 Trips Around Mars

NB-IoT Explorer: Explore Narrowband IoT Radio Networks

New Argonne coating could have big implications for lithium batteries

New secret-spilling flaw affects almost every Intel chip since 2011

New way to ‘see’ objects accelerates future of self-driving cars V

newelectronics 14 Maio 2019

Optimizing Network Software to Advance Scientific Discovery

Physicists propose perfect material for lasers


Python for Everybody - Exploring Data Using Python 3

Quantum world-first: researchers can now tell how accurate two-qubit calculations in silicon really are V

Remote Control and Photo Surveillance Over MQTT

Remote Temperature and Humidity Monitoring With ESP8266 and Blynk App

Retro LED Strip Audio Visualizer V

Reversible Chemistry Clears Path for Safer Batteries

RGB LED Newtons Cradle

Secrets of fluorescent microalgae could lead to super-efficient solar cells

Self-repairing batteries

Solar Power Bank V

The Desktop Device - a Customizable Desktop Assistant V

Tilt Compensated Compass V

USB to -5V Negative Voltage DC-DC switching Converter

Wind turbines to venture out into the deep sea

YATAC78 - The WWW TTL Computer

3D printing of metallic micro-objects V

74HC393 Binary Counter

AnyKey protected bootloader

Arcade Button MIDI Keyboard V

Arduboy Clone With Arduino Nano and I2C Oled Display V

Arduino 2.4 Touch Screen LCD Shield Tutorial

Arduino Digital Clock Synchronized by the 60Hz Power Line

Arduino + ESP Weather Box V

Augmented Arthropod - Self-Balancing Mech V

Blue Origin Unveils ‘Blue Moon,’ Its Big Lunar Lander

BotTender V

Building an Automatic Solar Tracker With Arduino UNO

Circuit Robots: Mass manufacturing of self-actuating robots V

CNC Arduino Plant Growing Machine

Condensation Risk Evaluator

Customizable pegboard hooks

Diy Arduino Bluetooth Controlled Car V

DIY LED-photometer With Arduino for Physics or Chemistry Lessons V

E-Mobility: Battery cells optimally welded with robots and lasers for electric racing cars

ESP32 Basic PC With VGA Output V

ESP32 Handheld Game Console V

Experimental Device Generates Electricity From the Coldness of the Universe

How to Make Home Automation System Using Nodemcu ESP8266 V

Jean-Jacques Savin: Frenchman completes Atlantic crossing in barrel V

Kodak Slide Projector Scanner V

Linux 5.1

Mash Up Arduino Code Samples V

Mbed OS 5.12.3 released

New holographic technique opens the way for quantum computation V

New technology behind the world’s smallest power converter

newelectronics 23 Abril 2019

Open Source Release coming for Microsoft’s Quantum Development Kit

Organ bioprinting gets a breath of fresh air V

Pc-Privacy - Arduino Automated Privacy for Your Computer

Pickleball Machine Upgrade With Arduino

Pong-Like Retro Clock Using TinyGo and Microbit

PWM Signal Generator V

Quantum measurement could improve gravitational wave detection sensitivity

Researchers Take A Step Towards Light-based, Brain-like Computing Chip

Sensor Data Upload to Google Sheets Through NodeMCU

Solar Powered NodeMCU Weather Station

Stand, Clamps and Equipment Kit

Stanford researchers’ artificial synapse is fast, efficient and durable

STMicroelectronics’ 650V High-Frequency IGBTs Boost Performance with Latest High-Speed Technology

Third Eye (Arduino Project)

Unhackable: New chip stops attacks before they start

Using Home Assistant to Expand Your Home Automations

12,000 holes per second with 1 µm diameter

16 x 2 LCD controlled via power line V

20 Years Ago, Microsoft Changed How We Mouse Forever

3 cent PMS150C MCU driving 300 WS2812B LED’s V

Advent Lantern With POV Animation V

an open-source alternative to GPS, called Aweigh V

Announcing the release of Fedora 30

Arduino Digital Code Lock Project Using Matrix Keypad

Arduino Marble Maze Labyrinth V

Arduino MEGA 2560 32Kb RAM shield V

BitsyLED V

Black Hole’s Tug on Space Pulls Fast-Moving Jets in Rapid Wobble V

BlueCubeMod: Bluetooth GameCube Controller Mod Kit V

Bridge Over Coupled Waters: Scientists 3D-Print All-Liquid ‘Lab on a Chip’ V

Building Your Own Game Console (ESP8266 and SSD1306) V

Caffeine Cranks Up Solar Cells

Clockwork V

Desktop Electrospinning: A Single Extruder 3D Printer for Producing Rigid Plastic and Electrospun Textiles V

Did I leave the garage door open? A no-code project with Azure IoT Central and the MXChip DevKit

Digital Multi-Function Measuring Tool V

DIY Musical Doorbell V

FAA Certifies Google’s Wing Drone Delivery Company To Operate As An Airline

FCC approves SpaceX’s plans to fly internet-beaming satellites in a lower orbit

Frequency counter with a PIC and minimum hardware

GM328A reverse engineering, new firmware and Tetris! V

Graphene sponge paves the way for future batteries

HKUST Physicist Contributes to New Record of Quantum Memory Efficiency Bringing Quantum Computers Closer to Reality

Home automation using Raspberry Pi Matrix voice and Snips V

How to Make Pocket Sized IoT Weather Station

How to Make RC Origami Robot With Arduino V

IBM to Develop an AI-Powered IoT Solution to Help Clients Manage and Monitor Aging Bridges, Tunnels, Highways and Railways

Introducing Mozilla WebThings

IoT IR Programmable Transcoder - TV Remote on Steroids

LoRa Repeater

Machine Learning Model Running on Azure IoT Starter Kit

Mbed OS 5.12.2 released

MIDI Sound Palette V

Mobius Flex V

Mystery of the Universe’s Expansion Rate Widens With New Hubble Data

New material to pave the way for more efficient electronic devices

New polymer films conduct heat instead of trapping it

NIST Links Federal Encryption Testing to International Standard for First Time

NIST Research Sparks New Insights on Laser Welding

Olive - Your Animatronic Home Assistant V

Personal Assistant V

PiDP-11: Replica of the 1970s PDP-11/70

Plug Any USB Device on an ESP8266

Pocket Size CO (carbon Monoxide)detector V

Pocket Weather Station

Polargraph Drawbot V

Programmers solve MIT’s 20-year-old cryptographic puzzle

Putting the sense in materials V

Raspberrypi As Poor Man’s Hardware Hacking Tool

Researchers tune material’s color and thermal properties separately

Researchers Use Light to Create a One-way Street for Mechanical Energy

Robotic Operated Window Blinds V

Robots enable bees and fish to talk to each other V

Scale Space Applications with COTS-to-Radiation-Tolerant and Radiation-Hardened Arm Core MCUs

Scientists connect quantum bits with sound and over record distances

Scientists pioneer new low-temperature chemical conversion process

Scientists Planning Now for Asteroid Flyby a Decade Away

Single Switch Multiple Functions V

Smart Data Logging Geyser Controller for the Home

Space Race Game Version 2 V

The spin doctors: Researchers discover surprising quantum effect in hard disk drive material

This “glass” is made of wood, and you can control how much heat it conducts

University of Maryland’s Schools of Medicine and Engineering First to Use Unmanned Aircraft to Successfully Deliver Kidney for Transplant at University of Maryland Medical Center V

Using a LED Matrix As a Scanner V

Vacuum Fluorescent Display Watch


Welcome AJIT, a ‘Made in India’ Microprocessor