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Arduino Digital Code Lock Project Using Matrix Keypad

Build a digital code lock device with Arduino and Qwiic system using Zio M Uno and a Hex 4x3 Matrix Keypad.Project overviewFor this project, we will build a simple digital code lock that users can enter and key in. In this tutorial, we will show users how a digital code lock system works in an Arduino Interface.
By the end of this tutorial you will be able to :
Set up a digital code lock with Zio and basic 12 keys keypadBe able to interface with Arduino IDE to program Zio with keypadCreate a program that asks users to enter a six-digit password to unlock Be able to create a new six-digit password
Helpful Resources For simplicity purposes, this tutorial assumes that you have a full understanding and the know-how on configuring Zio development boards.
For this project, we assume you have already configured Zuino M Uno to interface with Arduino IDE. If you haven’t done so we have a separate post on our development board guides.”

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