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I show you how to make an Arduino controlled Marble Maze Labyrinth board game that is super easy and fun to make. And the best part is it’s made From Cardboard.
The idea of the game is to navigate the marble through the maze to reach the portal at the end to win the game.
Of course, there are many ideas to improve this game and make it more fun, such as pudding some sensors at the end, buzzer to play a tone when while playing or even pinch some holes in the maze itself.
The Idea
I got bored from the electronic game and I started to search about the physical skill games, so Ive found the Labyrinth and I liked it.
What is the Labyrinth?
The labyrinth is a game of physical skill consisting of a box with a maze on top with holes, and a steel marble. The object of the game is to try to tilt the playfield to guide the marble to the end of the maze, without letting it fall into any of the holes. Some versions of the game feature a suspended maze surface that rotates on two axes, each of which is controlled by a knob. Small handheld versions of the game are sold, with the box being completely closed with a transparent cover on top. The game was developed by BRIO in Sweden and first released there in 1946.
Isnt time to develop this game?!!”

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