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Pong Tennis With LED Matrix, Arduino and Joysticks

This project is intended for beginners and experienced tinkerers alike. At a basic level it can be done with a breadboard, jumper wires and stuck to to a piece of scrap material (I used wood) with Blu-Tack and no soldering. However on a more advanced level it can be soldered to perf board or a custom PCB.
As this was a lockdown project I didn’t have access to any many tools or materials hence why its stuck down to a piece of scrap wood that is slightly too small with Blu-Tack, however despite this it is a fun project that comes together quickly and is made up of commonly available parts that can be found cheaply online.

To make the Pong Game you need;

1x An Arduino (any type will work)
4x MAX7219 8x8 LED Matrices
2x Joysticks
1x Piezo Buzzer (Optional)
15x Female-Female Jumper Wires (3x groups of 5)
15x Male-Female Jumper Wires (3x groups of 5)
18x Male-Male Jumper Wires
1x Breadboard
1x 220Ω Resistor
Instead of an Arduino Uno or Nano board you can use a breadboard based Arduino with;

1x ATmega328p 28pin IC
1x 16kHz Crystal Oscillator
2x 22pF Ceramic Capacitors
1x USB FTDI UART Converter
1x 100uF Electrolytic Capacitor
1x Micro USB Breakout (Optional)

PC with Arduino IDE (and LedControl Library)
Relevant USB Cable for your Arduino
Power Bank to power the game away from your computer”

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