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How to make an interesting interactive game, on a 32 by 8 LED matrix module, which is controlled by moving the device.

This time I will show you how to make an interesting interactive game, on a 32 by 8 LED matrix, which is controlled by moving the device. During a certain movement of the device, the MPU6050 sensor sends a signal to the microcontroller, and based on that information, the microcontroller performs a given action on the screen.

In fact, the sensor represents a so-called air controller that we can find as part of remote controls for modern TVs. The project is featured on Benjamin Balogh’s GiHub page (, where you can find the original code. The source code is made in Visual Studio with support for Arduino, known as Visual Micro.

Unfortunately, after compiling and uploading the original code to the Arduino, the device did not process data from MPU6050, and only scrolled the text “Wall Scroller”. I tried to contact the author several times, but without success. After certain time of studying the code, with one small modification, I managed to adapt it. Also, instead of Visual Micro, I compiled it into a standard Arduino IDE.”

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