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Color Mixer Box

How are you doing, guys?

So this is Color Mixer Version 1, which is basically a DIY version of the commercially available RGB Box used in photography.

The commercially available “RGB box lights” is used in cinematography to set various different kinds of scenes.

If we ought to buy these lights, they are not exactly cheap and sometimes hard to find, so I thought why not make a DIY alternative using an Arduino Board with WS2812 LEDs and a few components?

The DIY version is basically an RGB controller that has three pots for changing individual colors (R, G, and B). An OLED is also attached for displaying the value in 10-bit resolution.

This Instructables is about the whole built process, so let’s get started.

Following are the materials used in this built-

- RGB LED Matrix (WS2812 LEDs)
- Arduino Nano x1
- Potentiometers x3
- PCB Breadboard x1
- Custom 3D Printed Part”

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