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Made a large version of the regular WS2812B LED by using 8 regular RGB LEDs connected with a WS2811 LED Driver.

So, this is a NEOPIXEL LED, which is a little larger than a standard PIXEL.

By using eight Regular RGB LEDs and a WS2811 LED driver to create a single pixel that is around ten times the size of a Regular RGB LED, I created a unique addressable RGB LED.

The WS2812 LED is covered in transparent epoxy at the center for encasing the R, G, and B along with the WS2812 Chip.

The Huge Edition of the Neopixel also has Epoxy covered circuits that are all enclosed in resin, which will prevent the board from outside causes or getting shorted out, etc., in order to recreate this concept.

This article is about the whole construction process of this LED board, so let’s get started.

Material Required
Following are the materials used in this built-

- 5050 RGB LEDs
- Custom PCB
- 100nF 1206 Capacitor
- 3R0 Resistor 1206
- 3D Printed Ring
- WS2811 Addressable LED Driver IC
- Solder paste
- Arduino Nano for controlling the Pixel”

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