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7 Band Audio Spectrum Analyzer

This is a simple beginner DIY project with low component count and small budget.

The Arduino Nano and MSGEQ7 will analyze the audio input and break it into 7 different frequencies then displays the bands accordingly on WS2812B LED bars. MSGEQ has a built-in clock generator so there is no need for an external crystal oscillator. I like everything about this project, since is perfect to start learning and playing with FastLED and NeoMatrix features and allows you to explore your imagination. The only limitation on the Nano controller is the small 32K flash memory which is barely enough to load the code. The sketch included with this project however, does have 16 different FastLED patterns and colors that cycles with the Mode button, or automatically changes every 10 seconds to the next pattern. This project is simple enough so that you can try it out on a small breadboard while the PCBs are being fabricated.”

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