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This is an extremely simple, but still visually very effective project, and can serve as a gadget on your desktop

The spectrum analyzer displays the amplitude of signals as a function of frequency, allowing engineers and technicians to visualize and analyze signal characteristics. In particular, the audio analyzer performs a visual presentation of an acoustic signal in the frequency domain, where the frequency of the signal is displayed on the x-axis, while the amplitude of a certain frequency is displayed on the y-axis. In several of my previous videos I have presented several different types of such devices, but this time the FHT Arduino library is used for the first time. This library is several times faster than the commonly used FFT library, but at the expense of speed certain loss of resolution and precision appear at the two ends of the audio range.

However, in the specific case we do not have to develop a measuring instrument but a simple gadget, we do not need extreme precision, we just have to turn on a handful of LEDs in musical rhythm.

By the way, the project has been submitted to the Arduino Project Hub by the user with the nickname januks and is actually a rework of Shaajeb’s excellent Spectrum analajzer project. I made minimal modifications to the hardware and code based on my ideas and requirements.

The device is really simple to build, and consists of only a few components:

- Arduino Nano MCU board,
- 8x64 color Led Matrix with WS2812B adressable leds
- Two (three) touch buttons
- three resistors
- and one capacitor”

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