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I show you here how to create automatic and progressive lighting of stairs in the rainbow style!
No more getting up at night using the light on your cell phone to avoid switching on!
For this I used cable ducts where NeoPixel LEDs are installed. Detection is provided at the top and bottom by PIR presence detectors, installed in the 3D printed supports.
The “intelligent” part is entrusted to an Arduino Nano. A light sensor enables the system to be activated only if it is dark enough, and 2 potentiometers allow adjustments, one for light sensitivity, and the other for the duration of ignition (0 to 5 minutes)


4 white solid wiring ducts 3x1 cm x 2 m (1.3 € x 4)
26 WS2812B addressable 5050 RGB NeoPixel LEDs (€ 14.23 for 100)
220V - 5V 3A power supply (€ 13.28)
Arduino Nano
2 PIR sensors HC-SR501 (€ 9.59 for 5)
2 Potentiometers 10 Kohms
2 Resistors 470 ohms
Capacitor 1000 µF”

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