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For this instructable I got the idea during a conversation with my brother and brother in law. My brother was playing with a Led strip, one meter long wooden strip with 144 WS2812B programmable leds on it, and my brother in law just really wanted to have one. So, I thought, “Time for a new project”, let’s make him one.

To make this project a bit more interesting I decided to build a star shape. 8 legs, 4 long with 20 leds and 4 shorter legs for 16 leds. Powered by a wall plug of 5V 3A. and driven by an Arduino Nano, hidden away in the center of the star. O, and for the record, the cow isn’t real, no cows have been hurt for this project.

Drill with 5 and 2 mm bits
Hot glue gun
Solder iron
Pc with Arduino software

Led strip WS2812B 1 meter 144 led/m IP65
8 Resistors , one per leg, 470 ohm.
Arduino Nano
Adapter 5V 3A with a barrel plug
Barrel plug female round 5,5 by 1,2mm
Some enamel copper wire
Heat shrink tube
Wood glue
8 Screws 3x16mm
Transparent paint
4 pieces of plywood 8 x 8 x 0.5 cm
8 sticks of wood about 30x1,5x1,5 cm”

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