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Hello, Friends. In this instructables I will show you How to Make a Gaming PC Using Lattepanda board and its Windows10 Developer board but its look like Very mini board but its powerful Operating system of this mini Computer is running windows 10 pre- installed board. I made its body from cheapest acrylic sheet, MDF wood and I have using 10 inches Display and I made this Gaming PC. I Hope you will enjoy this Instructables.

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We need below products:
(1) Lattepanda Alpha
(2)Samsung SSD
(3)USB 3.0 Hub
(4)USB 2.0 Hub
(5)Carbon Fiber Sheet Black
(6)Carbon Fiber Sheet Red
(7)Carbon Fiber Sheet White
(8)MDF Board
(9)Thermaltek Fan
(11)Relay Module
(12)LED Strip
(13)Acrylc Sheet 3mm Transparent
(14)10 inch Display & Driver”

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