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I love addressable LED lights and while brainstorming ideas for ways to use them I decided I wanted to try using epoxy resin to make a charcuterie board. The plan was to dye the epoxy white to have an opaque finish that would defuse the LEDs. Even though things didn’t go exactly as planned, I feel that it is worth it to share my process to inspire others and hopefully anyone who tries this can get a better result. I even included some tips in the final step that I wish I had tried rather than doing what I did.
I built this Charcuterie board to turn a mini fridge into a bar top but you can use this idea to make an elegant serving tray that will surely awe the crowd at your next dinner party. When a glass is set on it the lights make the whole drink shine so This idea is perfect for a larger bar top as well.

These are all the supplies I used.
WS2812b LED strip -
Arduino Nano -
Table Top Epoxy
Casting Epoxy

Hot Air Gun
Miter Saw
Jig Saw
Soldering Iron
Hot glue gun
Hot Glue
Wood Glue”

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