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Arcade Stacker Game

What’s this?
I wanted to create a small game that doesn’t require many materials and complicated wiring. So I came up with a game that is fully playable with only 1 button and a “screen”. This is a downscaled version of the Stacker game that you can find in Arcade Halls. Its main purpose is being a desktop toy, but you can do whatever you want with it. The controls of the game are not hard, because you can only press 1 button, but it does take some skill to win.

How does it work?
In this game there is a pixel that moves from side to side. When you press the button, you place the pixel on its current position. Then the next layer above that pixel starts to appear and move. The higher you get, the faster the pixel will move. In order to win, you have to reach the top.

Underneath is a video of some gameplay.

Arduino Parts:
- Arduino Uno R3
- USB-B USB cable
- LED Matrix 8*8 with MAX7219 Module
- 5 Dupont Female-Female (in my case it came together with the Matrix)
- DFRobot Gravity LED Switch Module - White
- Digital Sensor Connector (in my case it came toegether with the Switch)
- 8 Dupont Male-Male
- (Optional)
- Some Heat Shrink

- 30x50cm 3mm MDF
- Hot glue gun”

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