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Welcome to an Arduino beginner project. It’s a simplification of my previous instructable; it’s designed to be easier to reproduce.

This is a timing minigame where the active light moves back and forth across a row of lights in order. When the button is pressed the light stops. If the light stops on the center light the level and difficulty increases. If the button is pressed one away from the middle the level stays the same. If the button is pressed and it lands on a light which isn’t the middle three the level and speed are lowered.

To win the player must reach level ten when the display shows a smiley face.

- Breadboard
- 11 LEDs preferably multiple colors and sizes (I used these and these)
- 12 resistors (220 ohms)
- Arduino Uno or Nano (Other boards should work as well)
- 1 push button
- 8x8 Keyestudio matrix
- Around 20 wires
- Arduino IDE
- Matrix Libraries”

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