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You will learn how to build your treasure hunt game with Arduino.

Do you know how to create the treasure hunt game? This game is very fun and I will teach you how to create this game with Arduino.

Are we going on a treasure hunt with the Arduino?

For this project, we will have a 64 position square map. This map will be represented by an 8x8 LED matrix. Through this map, the Arduino will choose a random position to hide the treasure.

In this project, you’ll learn:
How to configure and use the 8x8 LED Array with Arduino;
How to use the randomSeed function with Arduino;
How to scan the position in the 8x8 matrix with the Arduino;
Produce, download, and earn your own NEXTPCB printed circuit boards with Arduino.
Now, we’ll understand how to develop this game with Arduino.

How does this game work with Arduino?
This game can be played with one or several participants. Each participant has an attempt to find the position in which the treasure is hidden.”

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