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Hey What’s up you guys!

So this is the Nanoleaf 2.0 which is a DIY version of the famous Nanoleaf RGB Triangular lighting setup.

The goal here was to Recreate a Nanoleaf-like device with minimal spec and low cost, one that has all the basic RGB Glowing features and can be made easily.

To accomplish this feat, I prepared this setup completely from PCBs that were provided by PCBWAY.

This Instructables is gonna be about the whole built process of this economic version of Nanoleaf so let’s get started!

Following were things required to make this project-

Custom PCBs
WS2812B LEDs
Attiny85 SOIC8
SMD Button
USB Micro Port vertical
100nf Cap
5V Power Source
Arduino Nano (for flashing Attiny85)”

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