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The ATTBOY is a very basic Attiny85-based game console that is housed in a candy box and runs the space invaders game.

So here’s something extremely cool and intriguing: a tiny Gameboy that fits inside a Candy Tin box and runs doom, no, not really.

This project is essentially an Altoid game console, however, it comes in a box made by a different candy company and has a different shape than a typical Altoid tin.

Altoid game consoles, also known as “Altoid tin game consoles, ” are a unique type of custom game console that has become popular among DIY enthusiasts and gamers.

The concept is simple: take an Altoid tin, a small, pocket-sized mint container, and transform it into a functioning handheld game console. The tin is retrofitted with components such as a microcontroller, buttons, and a screen to create a compact and portable gaming device.

This game system only supports one game, a space invaders-style game. An SSD1306 display is used, while the console’s ATTINY85 MCU serves as its brain.

A small 50mm × 50mm PCB that contains the entire project is crammed inside the Candy Box.

In this article, we will explore the process of creating a small, custom game console that you can call your own. Whether you’re a seasoned electronics enthusiast or a beginner looking for a new project, this article will guide you through the steps of designing and building a compact and portable gaming device.

Material Required
These are the materials used in this built-

- Custom PCB
- Attiny85
- Arduino Nano (for programming the Attiny85)
- SMD Buttons
- 10k Resistors
- 1k Resistor
- USB Micro THT Port
- SSD1306 OLED Display
- DIP8 Socket
- M7 Diode
- PCB Standoff M3
- Screws M3
- Altoid-like Candy Tin”

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