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Made a simple H Bridge setup by using SMD Mosfets, Arduino is used as control unit.

By using this small 20mm x 20mm board, we can power small DC motors that operate at a lower voltage, like below 5V, from a single Li-ion cell.

This driver can be used in projects that require less space to work with, for example, I prepared a mini-rotating table for capturing rotational videos of components.

I used this motor driver to power a mini rotating table by putting together a small Attiny85-driven driver setup that is both small and functional.

This driver uses four N-channel MOSFETs connected in an H-bridge setup, H-bridge is a unique circuit that can switch the polarity of the voltage applied to any load. It’s generally used with motors to change their rotation from backward to forward and can be made out of switches.

In this case, MOSFETs are used as switches, and they are controlled by two INPUT pins. We connect any MCU to these two INPUT pins for changing the polarity of the motor.

This article is about the building process of this Motor driver and how we can use it in any motor-based project.

Let’s get started.

Material Required
Following are the things used in this built-

- Custom PCBs
- AO3400 N channel Mosfets
- 2 Ohms 1206 Package resistors
- 10k 0603 Package resistors
- Header Pins Vertical
- Attiny85
- Arduino Nano
- Breadboard
- DC Motor
- 3D Parts for Mini Rotating Table”

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