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Made a synthesizer with an minimal ATMEGA382PU setup and MOZZIE Library

So here’s a fun project that involves Music modulation, the MIDI SYNTH BOX made from scratch using PCBs and 3D Printed parts.

This MIDI SYNTH BOX is a simple Midi Sound modulation circuit based around Atmega328PU Minimal Setup uses the Mozzie library to generate tones that are controlled by the five potentiometers.

This project is a culmination of previously made versions that are now finished and are part of my synth projects.

Here are just a few of the synth projects I’ve been working on over the last two years.

Materials Required
These were the materials used in this small built-

- Atmega328PU
- Custom PCB
- IP5303 Power management IC
- 1uF Capacitor SMD 0805 Package
- 1uF Electrolitic Capacitor
- 4 Ohms speaker
- 3D Printed parts
- Arduino Nano
- USB Micro Port
- Potentiometers
- Vertical Switch
- 10K Resistance
- Indicator LED 0603 Package
- 1K Resistor
- 1uH Inductor”

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