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This is the EmTronic mini synth, it’s a super simple Arduino powered noise maker that I have designed to be easy to build and only requires easy to buy parts. This little synth allows you to control frequency, modulation and the waveform of the sound.
The Arduino sketch uses the awesome the_synth library from DZLOnline.
The 3d printed front panel finishes off the mini synth but you don’t need it to make the sounds. You could even build it on a breadboard if that works for you.
Best of all once you’re done it’s time to experiment with your own mods to the software to make new crazy sounds and mods to the front panel to really get the look you want.
At some point I will sell few finished EmTronics for those who don’t want to make their own so check out my store some time at Rarebeasts.
Happy noise making
Brian McNamara

Arduino Nano
10k pcb mount vertical pot(RV09)
Tactile push button switch
1/8” audio socket(PJ392)
2.2uF radial capacitor
About 40cn of Wire
3d printed front panel and support arm, you don’t need this for it to work but it’s fun
Mini-B USB cable

Soldering iron
Hot glue gun
Side cutters
Wire strippers
A computer to loaded with the Arduino IDE and the_synth library(”

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