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Hello and welcome back, everyone. Now for something loud: the “Noise BOX” Project is a do-it-yourself synth built from scratch utilizing an Audio AMPLIFER Module and a Custom Synth Board joined by a 3D printed body.

As the name suggests, the mozzie library is used by this synth box to create and modify sound. Growls, sweeps, and chorusing noises may be produced by the Mozzie library that are far more intricate and captivating. Using common synthesis equipment like oscillators, delays, and filters, one may rapidly and simply create these sounds.

This article is about how this Synth project was made, so let’s get started with the build.

Materials Required
These were the materials used in this build:

- Audio AMP Module (got from PCBWAY’s Giftshop)
- 4Ohms Speaker
- Synth Board (Reused from previous project)
- 3D-printed parts
- M2 Screws
- M3 Nuts and Bolts
- 3.5mm Audio Cable

For the Audio AMP Module, I’m using the ZK-TB21, which is a 2.1-channel audio power amplifier based around the TPA3116D2 power AMP chip.

TPA3116D2 is a Class D stereo amplifier that can drive speakers up to 100 watts. To drive two 100-watt speakers, the ZK-TB21 utilizes two of these TPA3116D2 chips. one for the left and right speakers, and one for the subwoofer

Because it’s a power amp, things get super hot, so there’s a heatsink on the TPA chips for the dissipation of heat.

Also, there’s a Bluetooth audio IC on this board, which lets us connect with this board for audio streaming.

Technical Specifications of Module

- Product name: 2.1-channel Bluetooth audio power amplifier module
- Product model: ZK-TB21
- Bluetooth version: 5.0 (unobstructed, 10 meters)
- Input sensitivity: 500 mV
- Input method: AUX + Bluetooth
- Number of channels: 2.1 channels
- Power amplifier chip: TPA3116D2 (with AM interference suppression function)
- Adaptable power supply: DC12~24V / 5A or more (over-voltage, output power setting)
- Adapt to speakers: 20~100 W, 4~8.
- Output power: 50W for left and right channels
- Subwoofer 100W
- Protection mechanisms: overvoltage, under voltage, overvoltage, DC detection, short circuit protection
- Product size: 120mm * 100mm * 20mm
- Product weight: about 256g (including packaging)”

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