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3D printed reactor core makes solar fuel production more efficient

A Novel System for Slip Prevention of Unmanned Rovers

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AMD Expands Ryzen Embedded Processor Family for High-Performance Industrial Automation, Machine Vision and Edge Applications

AMD Extends 3rd Gen EPYC CPU Lineup to Deliver New Levels of Value for Mainstream Applications

Arduino Buttonless LED Matrix Clock with ADXL335 sensor V

Arduino interfacing hx711 load cell with oled display

Arduino interfacing with Calculator

Arm Extends Cortex-M Portfolio to Bring AI to the Smallest Endpoint Devices​

Binghamton computer scientists program robotic seeing-eye dog to guide the visually impaired

Brand-New Snapdragon 7-Series Mobile Platform Provides Remarkable Performance and Power Efficiency with First-in-Tier Features

Building a high-efficiency Class D audio amplifier using MOS

Compact Accelerator Technology Achieves Major Energy Milestone

Connecting a Mouse to an Arduino V

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Doppler Effect made easy


ECH83 Guitar Preamplifier with Tone Control on 12V DC V

Efficient Biohybrid Batteries

Engineers develop an efficient process to make fuel from carbon dioxide


ESP32-CAM Time Lapse Recorder V


Exotic atomic nucleus sheds light on the world of quarks

Generating cold with solids

HackSpace magazine #72

Heavy ions return in style

High-resolution Voltage-Current Digital Logger

How to make Arduino LED Tester + Resistor Calculator V

How to Make CNC Drawing Machine

How to Make Sun Tracking Sunflower Robot Using Arduino

Inside the Intel 386 processor die: the clock circuit

Intel Gaudi AI Accelerator Gains 2x Performance Leap on GPT-3 with FP8 Software

Intel Technology Helps Power Solution for a More Resilient Grid

Interfacing SX1278 (Ra-02) LORA Module with Arduino V

IoT Robot Car using MQTT V

Linux Kernel 6.6 Arrives With Numerous Refinements

Liquid Propane Tank Remote Level Monitoring

Macro Mouse V

Making Electric Vehicles Last

Microchip Introduces Industry’s Most Complete Solution for 800G Active Electrical Cables (AECs) Used for Generative AI Networks

Microchip Unveils New Standard of Enhanced Code Security With the PIC18-Q24 Family of MCUs

Micron First to Enable Ecosystem Partners With the Fastest, Lowest Latency High-Capacity 128GB RDIMMs Using Monolithic 32Gb DRAM

NASA Data Reveals Possible Reason Some Exoplanets Are Shrinking V

NASA’s 6-Pack of Mini-Satellites Ready for Their Moment in the Sun

New Design for Rechargeable Hydrogen−Chlorine Battery in Wide Temperature Range

New laser setup probes metamaterial structures with ultrafast pulses

Nexperia’s first SiC MOSFETs raise the bar for safe, robust and reliable power switching in industrial applications

Noise Box V

Nordic completes world’s first silicon-to-cloud locationing solution using Wi-Fi, cellular IoT, and GNSS

NXP Expands S32 Platform with Motor Control Solution for Software-Defined Vehicle Edge Nodes

One Step Closer to Mars Immigration

Opamp usage with Arduino UNO R4

Optical-Fiber based Single-Photon Light Source at Room Temperature for Next-Generation Quantum Processing

Photo Battery Achieves Competitive Voltage

Photonics Team Develops High-Performance Ultrafast Lasers That Fit on a Fingertip

Physicists trap electrons in a 3D crystal for the first time

Printed robots with bones, ligaments, and tendons

Prototype for DUNE detector will test new technology that can handle more neutrinos

Quan­tum tool opens door to uncharted phe­nom­ena

Random Number Generator using common Geiger counter

Randomizing Servos with Arduino V

Redefining energy efficiency in data processing

Renesas Introduces 32-bit RX MCU with High-Speed, High-Precision Analog Front End for High-End Industrial Sensor Systems

Renesas Unveils Processor Roadmap for Next-Gen Automotive SoCs and MCUs

Renesas Unveils the First Generation of Own 32-bit RISC-V CPU Core Ahead of Competition

Research reveals rare metal could offer revolutionary switch for future quantum devices

Researchers engineer a material that can perform different tasks depending on temperature V

Researchers extend non-line-of-sight imaging towards longer wavelengths

Researchers invent new way to stretch diamond for better quantum bits

Researchers show an old law still holds for quirky quantum materials

Researchers use architected auxetics to achieve 300 times more flexibility in new 3D printing design V

Rev 2.0 of the RP2040 Joystick Mouse

Reverse engineering Jackson Pollock V

Reverse engineering the Intel 386 processor’s register cell

Safeguarding the right to be forgotten

Samsung Unveils New Portable SSD T5 EVO That Offers 8TB Capacity in a Compact Design

SDRSharp Controller


Single-Axis Automatic Solar Tracker

Single-Button Game Console With Arduino and PCB

Single ions in nano-sized particles: a new platform for quantum information processing

Sip N’ Sprout: Automated Plant Device V

SK hynix Commercializes World’s Fastest Mobile DRAM LPDDR5T

Smart Houseplant Watering System V

Smart Power Monitor

Smart Vertical Farming V

Smartroom controller

Solar-powered device produces clean water and clean fuel at the same time

Sony Semiconductor Solutions to Release SWIR Image Sensor for Industrial Applications with Industry-Leading 5.32 Effective Megapixels

Spinaron, A Rugby in a Ball Pit

STMicroelectronics collaborates with indie Semiconductor to enhance in-car wireless charging privacy and security

STMicroelectronics eases development of smaller and longer-lasting smart Bluetooth devices with two new products

STMicroelectronics highlights deployment-ready smart grid and cellular IoT connectivity innovations at Enlit Europe energy forum

STMicroelectronics’ new generation NFC controller with embedded secure element supports STPay-Mobile digital-wallet services

STMicroelectronics releases long-range wireless microcontrollers for energy-efficient connectivity in smart metering, smart building, and industrial monitoring

STMicroelectronics reveals precision digital power monitor with MIPI I3C support for optimum energy use and reliability

Straining memory leads to new computing possibilities

‘Strange metal’ is strangely quiet in noise experiment

Team engineers nanoparticles using ion irradiation to advance clean energy and fuel conversion

Temperature Control Neo Pixels with Arduino Nano

The Future of Water Management: Smart Water Meters

The MagPi 135

The Ultimate “Servo Claw Game”

This 3D printer can watch itself fabricate objects V

TI expands low-power GaN portfolio, enabling AC/DC power adapters to shrink 50%

To advance space colonization, WVU research explores 3D printing in microgravity

To Meet And Exceed Heightened Automotive Secure Authentication Requirements, Microchip Releases Its Latest TrustAnchor Security IC

Toshiba Develops New Lithium-Ion Battery with Cobalt-Free 5V Class High-Potential Cathode

Toshiba Launches 30V N-Channel Common-Drain MOSFET Suitable for Devices with USB and for Protecting Battery Packs

Toy Controller WiFi V

Transmitter and receiver evaluation boards from STMicroelectronics accelerate development of Qi wireless chargers

TUM makes first daily current measurements of changes in the earth’s rotation

UBC engineers develop breakthrough ‘robot skin’ in collaboration with Honda researchers

UCLA Researchers Develop Solid-State Thermal Transistor for Better Heat Management

Unlocking the Secrets of Spin with High-Harmonic Probes

Using lasers to ‘heat and beat’ 3D-printed steel could help reduce costs

Voice-Enabled Video Game Controller V

Webb Study Reveals Rocky Planets Can Form in Extreme Environments

What a “2D” quantum superfluid feels like to the touch

With a quantum “squeeze,” clocks could keep even more precise time, MIT researchers propose

Xiao Power Meter With INA219