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High-resolution Voltage-Current Digital Logger

This tool provides logging function that gets data on voltage, current and power consumption for 0 to 85V DC.

Voltage-Current Logger - High-resolution digital power monitor and logger
I wanted a tool to measure the power, voltage, and current values used by PCs, smartphones, and devices I created, so I created a measurement tool. The measured data taken can be sent to an InfuxDB server and displayed on a dashboard.

By changing the type of adapters, you can measure from USB-TypeC to Type-A/B by changing the type of adapters.

Custom PCBs were created with the help of PCBWay, and they can be created simply by posting the PCB Gerber file archives on the quick order website. I recomend a use of PCBWay Plug-in for KiCad. With this plugin, you can upload gerber data and order a PCB with a single click.

The voltage input range is from 0 to 85V, Maximum current input is 5A.

High-resolution - By using Texas Instruments INA228 IC - 20-bit delta-sigma ADC, It can be got measurement data with 195.uV Bus voltage and 163.84mV Shunt voltage.

Microcontroller on board - No need for a client PC when you are measuring. Directly send to the server.

Transfer measurement data via WiFi - This Logger can transfer data to Linux PC via WiFi network and you can see the dashboard graph in influxDB.

Battery Powered - Using LiPo battery. It can run for 24-48 hours.

Multiple Adopter - This Logger can be changed 4 type adopters (USB-Type-C-Type-C, USB-Type-A-mini Type-B, JST-PH-Connector for Battery, 3P-Terminal)

How to use the Logger
This logger has four types of adapters, and by changing them, it is possible to measure the usage voltage, current, and power consumption of various devices”

Red Adapter - To measure the voltage and current from the USB Type-C Power Adapter to the Type-C Power Input Device(PCs, etc.)

Yellow Adapter - To measure the voltage and current from the USB Type mini-B port to the USB Type-A output port.

Green Adapter - To measure the voltage and current between the JST-PH connector. (Batteries, etc.)

Blue Adapter - To measure the voltage and current of some cabling type.

For example, if you want to measure the voltage of USB-Type-C power, set the red adopter into the slot. If the power supply does not work, you can try to insert one of the connected Type-C connections in the opposite side of the back. Because a Type-C cable has two sides.”

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