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This is the small control box that can wake up the PC using Wake On LAN. You can just push a button, PCs will wake up from the power off.

Every morning I had to press the power button at the back to boot up my PC; I wanted to be able to use Wake On LAN to boot up, but having to boot up another PC to do so was nonsense. So we created a Box that sends Wake On LAN packets with a single button. It’s pretty cute, isn’t it?

This is the small control box that can wake up the PC using Wake On LAN. You can just push a button, PCs will wake up from the power off status. There is no need to start up another PC in order to start up a PC with Wake On Lan. Wake on LAN packets are sent via WiFi LAN. The Box has a battery, and you can charge it from a USB Type-C port. Once charging full, you can use it for a month. (sorry I guess, because I still measure the consumption) If any buttons are not pressed for the specified time (default 30 seconds), the box will sleep automatically and conserve battery power. Up to four PCs can be registered.

This box can send a Wake on LAN packet to the Wireless Access Point. To transfer the packet, Access Point need to be set Bridge Mode. If Router Mode is set, Access Point won’t transfer the packet to the wired LAN.

Quick Wake Up - Simply press one of the up, down, left, or right buttons to turn on the PC corresponding to that button. 4 PCs can be registered.

Microcontroller on board - No need for a PC when you turn on an another PC. Directly send packets to the target PCs.

Transmit a packet via WiFi - Wake on LAN packets are transmitted via Wireless Network.

Battery Powered - Using LiPo battery. It can run for a month (In the case, every day a few times used).

Small Handy Box - This box is only 60mm(W) x 23mm(H) x 80mm(D) size. No need any cables, it works.

Configurable - Setting parameters are set from the display menu. SSID/Password/Target PC Hardware Address(4 PCs)/Time Zone/Sleep Time/Sleep Mode/Display Off Time/Reset Settings

How to Use the Box
At first, you can set the WiFi SSID and PSK-Password. To set them, push the Center Key, you can see the setting menu, then select the WiFi using UP or Down Key, and click the Center Key. Then, select SSID and enter your SSID of Wireless Access point using Up/Down/Left/Right key. After entering the SSID, push the center key, select yes using Right key, then, push Center key. Similarly, set the PSK-Password. Next, setting Hardware Address(Ethernet MAC Address) of PC which you want to wake up. Select HW Address and push Center Key, select from PC1 to PC4, push Center key, then enter the your Hardware Address like 00:11:22:33:44:55.”

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