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WS2812B RGB LED Controller with ESP8266 via WiFi

Create your WiFi WLED controller for WS2812B LEDs using ESP8266.

WS2812b addressable RGB LEDs are devices widely used in lighting projects. They are found in the format of LED matrices and strips.

LED strips, for example, are widely used in decorative lighting, luminaire construction and many other applications.

And to ensure the correct color, it is necessary to use a controller to control the color, luminous intensity and lighting effects of the LEDs.

Most WS2812B LED controllers use a remote control. However, our goal is to develop a controller that can receive these control commands over WiFi with a cell phone application.

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Therefore, in this article we will develop a controller with ESP8266 along with WLED firmware. This firmware consists of a cell phone application and the user can register several controllers in the same application. This makes the system simple and makes it easier to control multiple lighting points from a single location.”

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