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Wifi IoT ESP8266 Relay Board Schematic

You’ll learn how to create and assembly your own IoT PCB Automation.

Anyone can control a device over the internet using this electronic board with Wifi support. It has the necessary features to facilitate installation and automation.

The wifi automation devices market sell their products, but you cannot modify the software as per your needs.

It prevents you from:

· Create, sell and earn money by creating specific solutions for your customers,

· You are dependent on the equipment on the market and its updates,

· Learn to build your own solutions with a free board.

For these reasons we created the WIFI ESP8266 Relay Board.

What is it and why use the WIFI ESP8266 Relay Board?

We developed this board for you to create any automation application with Wifi control.

See the main features of this electronic board.

- Power circuit with AC-DC converter,
- Electrical surge protection circuit,
- Relay activated via optocoupler,
- Circuit for isolated supply to the relay,
- Jumper to isolate the circuit supplies, and
- Buttons and connectors to configure the board for recording and reset mode.

All these electronic resources allow you to develop any application freely and independently.

Remember, devices on the market are protected technologies and do not allow changes.

You can easily create the control logic, created based on your needs and board the ESP8266 from the electronic board.

Do you believe you can advance the automation market and create your own standalone solutions in the future?

If you believe in this and don’t want to be tied to the solutions on the market, then you should acquire the files for this board and build your own projects.

Today you don’t have an electronic board capable of solving your customer’s problem. How much does it cost you not to be able to develop a specific solution for a customer?

You are missing an opportunity to make money from automations and projects. I want you to take advantage of this opportunity, download and purchase this electronic board at PCBGOGO.

Now we will present the complete operation of the electronic circuit of this board.”

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