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WI-Fi Controlled 4CH Relay Module for Home Automation

I have been using a many WI-FI Based on off Switches Previously. But those are not suit with my Requirement. Thats why I wanted to build my own, which can replace normal Wall Switch sockets without any Modifications. The ESP8266 Chip is Wifi enabled IoT platform for everyone. What I have done is created a four Channel relay board for it and the coolest part is that board also has a 100-240V-AC to 5V-DC Power supply on board so you will be able to connect it directly to AC mains while creating a Wifi enabled switch board. It also has a header where you will be able to connect Tx-RX based devices (Something like a Nextion Dispalys).
A brief specification of the board is as mentioned below

It comes with a header where you can plug TX-RX based devices & Connect TTL-USB Programmer for programme the ESP12E WI-FI chip. Four Relays to connect four AC/DC loads and both NC/NO connectors of the relay are provided Can be pre-programmed with Home automation integration. 100-240VAC or 5VDC select able input. Power : 3W LED for Testing which is connected to a GPIO and also as indicator when the relay go on /off Dimensions of the board are 76 x 76 mmSupplies:1x Hi-Link HLK-PM01 (230V-5 VDC 3W)
1x ESP12E/ESP12F
4x PC817 Opt coupler
4x 5V Relay
4x D400 Transistor or any NPN Switching Transistors
1x AMS1117 - 3.3v
4x LED Yellow (SMD 1206)
1x LED RED (SMD 1206)
8x 10K Resistor (SMD 1206)
4x 330 Resistor (SMD 1206)
1x 120 Resistor (SMD 1206)
2x Micro Switch
3x Screw Terminal 5mm pitch 2pin”

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