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Empower Smart home by TechSwitch-1.0(DIY Mode).

What is TechSwitch-1.0(DIY Mode)

TechSwitch-1.0 is ESP8266 based smart switch. it can control 5 home appliances.

Why it is DIY mode??

It is designed to re-flash any time. there is two mode selection jumper on PCB.
1) Run Mode:- for Regular operation.
2) Flash Mode :- in this mode user can re-flash chip by following Re-flash procedure.
3) Analog Input:- ESP8266 has one ADC 0-1 Vdc. Its header also provided on PCB to play with any Analog sensor.

Technical Specification of TechSwitch-1.0(DIY mode)
1. 5 Output(230V AC) + 5 Input(0VDC switching) + 1 Analog input(0-1VDC)
2. Rating :- 2.0 Amps.
3. Switching element :— SSR +Zero Crossing switching.
4. Protection :- Each output protected by 2 Amp. glass fuse.
5. Firmware used:- Tasmota is easy to use and stable firmware. It can be flashed by different firmware as its DIY mode.
6. Input :- Opt coupled (-Ve) switching.
7. ESP8266 power regulator can be dual mode:- can use Buck converter as well AMS1117 regulator.

Detailed BOQ is attached.
Power Supply:- Make :- Hi-Link , Model :- HLK-PM01, 230V by 5 VDC, 3W (01)
Microcontroller:- ESP12F (01)
3.3 VDC regulator :- Dual provision any one can be used
Buck converter (01)
AMS1117 Voltage regulator.(01)
PC817 :- Opt coupler Make :- Sharp Package:-THT (10)
G3MB-202PL:- SSR Make Omron(05), Zero crossing switching.
LED :-Color:- Any, Package THT (01)
220 or 250 Ohm Resistor:- Ceramic (11)
100 Ohm Resistor:- Ceramic (5)
8k Ohm Resistor :- Ceramic(1)
2k2 Ohm Resistor :- Ceramic(1)
10K Ohm Resistor:- Ceramic (13)
Push button :-Part Code:- EVQ22705R, Type:- No with Two terminal (02)
Glass Fuse:- Type :- Glass, Rating :- 2 Amp @ 230V AC. (5)
PCB Male Header:- Three header with Three pin & One header with 4 Pin. so one standard Strip of Male header is preferable to procure.”

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