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ESPClicker is a very simple, ESP8266 based IoT project that will allow you to integrate your normal devices such as a coffee machine, fan, etc, into your Smart home “make them all IoT enabled”. Works with Home Assistant And ESPhome.

Technical Specifications
- 4 Layer PCB
- WiFi Module ESP8266 ESP-12F
- 3x Built-in signal relays ( Controll PINS: R1-GPIO4, R2-GPIO5, R3-GPIO12 ) “R1 can be configured as normally open or normally closed” MAX LOAD 500mA 24V
- 2x Low-Side Switch “ULM2003” ( Controll PINS: LS1-GPIO14, LS2-GPIO15 ) MAX LOAD 150mA “1-2 Sec”
- 1x ADC Pin “1V Max”
- 1x ACS Pin “AC Power Detector” (Input Pin GPIO13)
- Requires 5V 500mA power supply”

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