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A DIY Companion Robot With Raspberry Pi 4

Introducing Emo, the personal companion robot that will capture your heart! With the latest Raspberry Pi 4 technology and open-source design, Emo is the perfect fusion of style and innovation. But he’s more than just a robot - he’s a living, breathing presence with his own unique personality and emotions.

The whole design was done in Autodesk Fusion 360 and the design incorporates a combination of solid and free-form modeling techniques.

To streamline the printing process, we divided the robot body into several parts that can be easily assembled using screws.

We carefully considered the placement of the power source, situating it at the base and allowing ample space for the power cable’s unrestricted movement. While addressing the cable movement was our primary concern, we also ensured that the body maintains a slight contact with the base to enhance stability during motion.

To elevate the robot’s visual appeal, we chose an attractive blue-and-white color scheme.”

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