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This is a fun beginner project for anyone to make! It is a four legged spider robot platform using Raspberry Pi as the brain, 3D printed parts as the body, and many readily available electronics from amazon or banggood. No custom PCB is required. With step-by-step video guides it is a good project for anyone who wants to tinker with Raspberry Pi, Python programming, 3D printing, and robotics.

As mentioned above all of the electronics are readily available on Amazon or Banggood or even your local hobby store. Here is the bill of materials with links provided for you to make this robot:

1 x Raspberry Pi 3B+
1 x 5MP OV5647 Pi camera module
1 x POWERADD 5000mAh Power Bank (needs to be this one or similar size)
1 x PCA9685 16 Channel 12 Bit PWM Servo Driver
1 x LM2596 Buck Converter, DC-DC step down module
12 x MG90S Servo motor
4 x Lipo 3.7v battery (if you are unable to get this battery then get a similar size one with capacity around 700mAh)
1 x Toggle Switch
Some Jumper wires
Some M3 nuts & bolts
You will need a 3D printer or access to 3D printer to print the body parts of the robot.

Additional tools that you will need: soldering iron, heat shrink tubes, electrical tape, zip tie, pliers, hot glue gun, and screwdriver.”

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