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Hey guys what’s up
So this is my RGB Mask project that is made from soldering 5 PCBs together, This RGB mask has 52 WS2812B LEDs and they are controlled by an ESP8266 microcontroller module.

BUT Does this work as an actual face mask?
No, not really but we can wear a normal mask beneath this RGB mask and stay safe.
I first made a cardboard mask and then use its measurements for making a PCB design which has solderings pads on edge of PCB. by putting PCBs together in the right order and soldering them at a certain angle, we can combine two or more 2 PCBs to create a PCB structure or shape. with this method, we can make anything with PCBs even a PCB Hat or Iron man’s Helmet, we just need to follow the basic geometry and that’s pretty much it.
I previously made a Project with the same Method -

these are the things that I used in this project!

Custom PCBs (which were provided by JLCPCB)
10k resistors
WS2812b LEDs
ams1117 voltage regulator
10uf capacitor
1uf capacitor
100nf capacitor
SMT reflow hotplate
solder paste

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