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There are a lot of projects based on WS2812B LED strips out there, but most of these are using homebridge or any other solution - mostly based on MQTT - to communicate with HomeKit.

Some projects are using effects via Apple HomeKit too, but none of them supports standalone HomeKit without needing any bridge I’m using WS2812B LEDs nearly 3-4 years now with HomeKit and they are working very well

Since the code is very complex and i’ve used a lot of custom libraries I’ve made pre-compiled firmware files. For those who interested in making native HomeKit projects, the source code for esp-homekit available here.

Basic Informations:
Currently only WS2812B, WS2812B ECO and WS2813 LED strips are supported!
Maximum number of LEDs are limited to 500 for saving RAM
Logic Level converter required (for 3.3V to 5V data conversion)
Good quality 5V power supply is necessary too
More information can be find on my GitHub
Adafruit Überguide can also help :-)

PCB Design:
I’ve designed a simple PCB for driving the NeoPixel LEDs the proper way described in Adafruit’s NeoPixel Überguide using the latest SN74HCT125N Logic Level Converter IC and the also recommended 1000uF capacitor :-) I’m currently using this PCB with a 5V 10A power supply without any (temperature) issues :-)

Also i have an USB Type-C version too for shorter LED strips!

You can order the PCBs from here and here!

You can find more information about the PCBs here!

Change Color
Change Brightness
Change Color Temperature (no RGBW strip required)
WS2812FX Light Effects(beta!!!)
Setting up WS2812B LED count(on first boot from 1 to 500)
Power Behaviour characteristic (Default Color / Last Used on startup via Eve app)
Transition(Quick / Default / Moderate / Calm via Eve app)
Child Lock (Enable/Disable button press via Eve app)
Downloadable User Manual (via Eve app)
Power / Reset button
For creating the custom PCB You’ll need a cheap Soldering Iron, or a Soldering Station like this one or this one. Also a Hot Air Soldering Gun would be helpful too! For uploading the code you probably have to buy an USB TTL adapter too.

Necessary Parts:

NodeMCU or Wemos D1 Mini
Logic level converter IC
WS2812B LED strip
JST 3 pin female connector
5V 2-10A power supply v1 or 5V 2-10A power supply v2
Jumper cables

PCB Parts:

ESP-01S(1MB flash)
SMD 0805 resistors
SMD 0805 capacitors
Tactile Button
2.54mm header
SMD 10.5x10.5 1000uF capacitor
DC connector
3 Pin screw terminal
Fuse holder

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